Denton Photographer Robin Gansle : Most favorite

After years (literally) of planning, I finally got to photograph the kids of one of my dearest friends.  Sadly, they live in Austin and we live in The Great White North, so we don’t get to see each other nearly enough.  They were up on Saturday, though, so we took some time to take the kids up to my studio and the square for some very quick pictures.  Miss “A” has all the makings of a supermodel already and made my “job” very easy.  Mister “D” has all the makings of a sprint runner, and well, he’s 2 so unfortunately is a little under-represented in the gallery.  But we got a few good ones of him!

So.  As much as we love their mom and dad, it’s quite possible we love A and D even more.  Can’t help it, they’re cuter.

Oops, just saw that I accidentally saved this one at the wrong size.  But I still have to include it.  Isn’t she crazy-beautiful?

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