Denton Photographer Robin Gansle : Baby blues

No not *that* kind of blues, like the color of big sister’s gorgeous blue eyes. This was a last minute maternity session for a family of soon-to-be-four, done in my studio because it’s TOO HOT to go anywhere else. I knew they were bringing a 2-andahalf year old to the session, so of course I think of my own kids at that age. How am I going to keep her happy and involved in this session? What if she doesn’t want anything to do with it? What if she thinks my toys are silly!? Turns out, little Miss “A” was all curls and blue eyes and sweet personality, and posed better for me than a lot of adults. THANKS, little lady!! I’ll shoot you anytime 😀

Ok I tangented a little…the behind-the-scenes star of this show was Miss “M”, who is due in just a couple of weeks. From the looks of her gene pool, she’s going to be gorgeous as well…and well dressed! Here’s to a happy and healthy delivery!!

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  • Holy wow Robin, those belly shots with the toddler are so beautiful!

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