Denton Photographer : Nice Day for a White Wedding

I struggle to come up with blog titles like you would not believe, but this one could not be more fitting. The clouds literally parted, the warmth for this unusually cold winter we’re having was unseasonable…even for a Texas January. Someone was definitely smiling down on the beautiful wedding of Candace and Austin yesterday. They are blessed with more than just nice weather for their wedding day, though. Surrounded by so many people who clearly love them, they have begun their lives together with a palpable love for each other. I wish you both the best as you begin your journey, and I am so grateful to have captured your beautiful day for you yesterday.

In the interest of keeping this blog PG, I won’t show pics of the decorated truck. 😀

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  • Winn LaRue

    A job well done. I can not sing your praises enough Robyn! Thank you for being there.

  • robin

    Thanks, Winn! It was so nice to meet you :)

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