Denton Newborn Photographer : Little Gifts

Two of my favorite people, completely unrelated but strikingly similar in my mind, have just become new parents via adoption. What a long and difficult journey both of them went through to become a family, but what amazing little families they are now!

First we have little “GW” (awesome name), who got to go home with mom and dad straight from the hospital. So we got to shoot his newborn session when he was only a few days old and still perfectly squishy and sleepy. In fact, so sleepy that I actually ran out of ideas I wanted to try. That NEVER happens! All newborns eventually wake up, ticked off and hungry, but not this guy. We put him on a HAT. Not in, ON. (yes mom was right there in catching distance, but he didn’t budge)

I know first hand that he is going to be surrounded by a lot of people and a couple of doggies who love him very much. Watching him grow is just another blessing that I get to share with them. Congratulations, Mom & Dad…enjoy every second!

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