Denton Newborn Photographer : Little Brother

Last year, we were blessed to get to know the R family as our son danced in the same class (yes) as their son (yes) and daughter (see, that’s not so bad is it?). Truly GREAT people and my little guy and their little guy got to be pretty good little buddies as the two manly boys of the class. When J and M welcomed a new baby brother a few weeks ago, I was honored to take pictures of the three siblings together. What sweet kids, you can’t even imagine how quiet and well behaved these kids (all 3!) are!! Even when the newest pooped on his big sister, she didn’t do more than get up and get cleaned up and get back in the picture! Talk about earning your big-sister stripes, very impressive:)

I’m lucky, I’ll get to watch this little one grow week by week rather than once every few months. Annnnnnd I get to hold him! Love it 😀

The second picture in this series is my new favorite newborn image…I love how tuckered out he looks. That’s how I feel most days.

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