Frisco Baby Photographer : Sweet Newborn Smiles

There not as all-elusive as you’d think, a little gas bubble here, a little cheek twitch there, or my favorite theory – a little dream of mama – and newborns smile fairly often. What can be elusive is the proof, because those little suckers are hard to catch! Usually a fraction of a fraction of a second, you have to be quick, ready…in focus, breath held, nobody move I think she’s about to…. and this can go on for hours.

But Little Miss C was a different story. She did not want to be put down, she did not want to be posed, she did not want to be photographed really. She was one tough little model, and made me work harder than I have for a newborn in 3 years. But when we finally got her warm and cozy in a little nest, she absolutely BEAMED. And not a fraction-of-a-second gas bubble smile, an Honest-to-You-Know-Who smile that lasted so long I could get up, change position, and shoot from different angles smile. I was in newborn photographer bliss. It was worth all the effort and then some, and I’d do it a million times over again.

And a few words about big sister, E. Not too much bigger, E is a little firecracker who has more personality than she has size. She took over mom’s maternity session with her cuteness, and absolutely stole my heart with her sweet smooches for her baby sister. She definitely shines, even as the “co-star” role, and I think she has a lot of tricks to teach little C in a year or two! Her little giggles times two will be a house full of adorable, mom and dad have no hope!

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