Dallas Baby Photographer : Good Morning, Texas!

If you noticed in my previous post, I got a little starry-eyed after seeing my pictures and hearing my name on WFAA’s Good Morning, Texas last week. Turns out, that famous thing wears off pretty quickly, as my mom-friends at school pick-up that afternoon were happy to point out. Even so, I think I walked just a little bit taller for a couple of days, so THANK YOU, Amy Vanderoef!

So here’s the story behind it all! It happened rather quickly, but I was asked to come out to the Dallas Arboretum to photograph Amy’s little “nugget” (her son, but we’ll use her own term of endearment for privacy’s sake) amongst the Christmas decorations and …. yes …. LIVE REINDEER. I have to capitalize REINDEER whenever I say it because I’m still enthralled by the fact that they were real, live, fresh from the North Pole REINDEER. They = 1, but the effect on yours truly was the same as if there were 12 plus one with a rosy nose, I was so excited. Anyway! On with the story…

First let me back up and say my very first contact with Amy on the phone to plan this let me know that Amy was in fact very much down to earth, normal, my kind of people. The kind of person I’d love to have coffee/margaritas with. I’m not saying she gives off a stuffy vibe on air or anything, but she’s good people. That being said, we got the full VIP treatment at the arboretum, which was a trip. We were zipped around on a golf cart. I can’t guess how many people knew who she was exactly, but everyone knew she was someone important, and I was by association “press” (cuz I had the awesome camera, of course). That was fun fun fun! And could go to your head quickly, but it all went by too quickly for that!

Oh wait, I’m forgetting the part that kept me from getting the inflated ego. Yes. We started at the lovely DeGolyer House for a few pictures by the tree (it was so dark in there!). Nugget is 1 1/2, and trees are covered in…well…things that aren’t toddler friendly. Honestly it was bound to happen, and happen it did rather quickly. So as we were attempting to clean up, and keep him away from the shards, in a really small area, yours truly bumped REALLY LIGHTLY I SWEAR into a very, very elderly docent who had also knelt down (very stealthily) behind me. I knocked him down flat on his back. He didn’t want my help getting up. It was a disaster. So there we were with shards, man down, toddlers, and Amy and me looking at each other, and the mutual unspoken agreement was “Let’s get the heck out of here”.

I should say here that Nugget was a bit under the weather, but I never saw an ounce of discomfort showing from him until the last few minutes of our visit. Once we got out of the fragile DeGolyer House, we let him run free, which he was thrilled to do, around the gingerbread house, around the Frosty & Rudolph characters whom he gave MUCH love and high-fives, and then eventually it was time for the REINDEER excitement. He was interested in that for a few minutes but by the time we got to the actual photo op we were there for, he was so pooped from all the running around, he was done performing and ready to go. And who could blame him? But even then, we still got some sweet “I’m done” on Mom’s shoulder pics. And I got some awesome REINDEER snorting my camera (thank God for wide lens) shots.

Then after all that, my photos were shown on the show, and my name mentioned! How neat was that? Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd it looks like I might actually be ON the show on the 23rd, taking candids of the crew during the taping of their Christmas show. WOOT!!! So set your DVR/Tivo/VCR for that! And without further ado, here are some of the pictures of Miss Amy Vanderoef and her handsome little guy! Thank you so much for everything, Amy!!

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