Denton Family Photographer : Meet the Mayor

I’ve been a fan of KLIF‘s morning show host, Jeff Bolton, since my husband got me hooked on what I affectionately referred to as “old man radio” about 4 years ago. I wouldn’t dream of calling into the show and revealing myself for the politically ignorant, uncaffeinated zombie I am in the morning, but I would occasionally email Jeff with my well-thought out and clever little one liners. I was hugely flattered when Jeff, in turn, responded to my emails with compliments on my website and work (and didn’t make fun of my comments). A few years later, and I finally got to meet the man behind the voice and the family I hear him talk about so often for a family Christmas session! How completely surreal that was! Except as it turns out, totally normal folks:)Well I guess that’s not very surprising at all… even if Jeff does insist that they are all pretty wacky. Maybe wacky is my normal?

Mrs. Blaine Bolton, once and I think future model, is drop dead gorgeous. Definitely imparted her children with some beautiful genes. Evan, newly 16 and learning to be a responsible driver, impressed me with his photoshop knowledge. Rachel impressed me with her cuteness (I mean…whatever you call cute at the teenage level) and humor, so much that I really would like to steal her. I think they kind of like her too, though. My husband was kind (lucky) enough to come along and help carry around the couch for the very-special-session. Also, nobody stepped on snakes.

Jeff was kind enough to give me a soundbite, because being a radio guy, that’s what he does. I imagine him saying this on air in his big radio guy voice and it makes me warm and happy. Too bad my blog doesn’t have sound. Use your imagination:)

“I work with professional photographers around the world in my media career, and I very specifically chose Robin as my personal and family photographer. She’s fussy about the right things, free-spirited and creative on set, and just flat magic with photo touch up (of which I require…much). I’m busy with radio, writing a book and producing a feature film; I don’t have time for guesswork when I need a photography project completed. I only work with the varsity, and that’s why I work with Robin.” JEFF BOLTON

Heck yeah…I’m getting teeshirts made with my logo on the front and “fussy about the right things” on the back. THANKS, JEFF!

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  • beautiful job, Robin!!

  • robin

    Thanks, Court :)

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