Denton Senior Photographer : Country Girl, City Girl

S lives in the sticks, quite literally. Like I drove over sticks to get to her house. Which reminded me of home, and instantly endeared me to her, and THEN I found out she was a redhead. We hit it off instantly! It was one of those really embarrassing sessions where I forget that I’m almost 20 years older than my client. OOPS. It was also one of the many senior sessions I have that we completely lose track of time and lasts the better half of a day. ALSO OOPS. But S and I got to play in the field with horses and dogs and chickens and a cat who stalked my chair, and that was just the first half hour…who’s paying attention to a watch? I don’t envy you people with desk jobs!

Then we found a few neat little nooks near my studio in town (also, sticks…but city sticks…totally different)…and then when we could handle the cold no longer, we warmed ourselves in the studio. No studio lights were necessary though, this day was just full of light, and S was absolutely radiant all by herself. We were laughing so hard by the end of it that my throat hurt. I have a new friend-who-lives-in-my-computer, because sadly…this country mouse graduated (early) and moved all the way to Chi-town. I’ve only been to Chicago once, but I’m pretty sure I don’t remember seeing ANY STICKS THERE. I think she’ll make it just fine though, S is a pretty amazing young lady. I’m very glad to have met you:)

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