Denton Child Photographer : Meeps in the Bluebonnets

I love it when a client has a special nickname for their kiddo that I pick up on, because while I rarely post a child’s name, a nickname allows me to personalize their blog post for a nice change. And “Meeps” is such a great, unique nickname for this sassy little ball of energy! Take a look at the first look she gave me:

Which clearly says, “Why should I get off my daddy’s lap and run through the flowers, when A) we’re about 50 feet from a CEMETARY and B) the lady currently pointing a big scary black thing at me and jumping around like an idiot just locked herself out of her car. Yeah, right. You run around, smarty-pants.” Ooooh but Meeps…we are tricksy, and we are patient, and we have a VERY AWESOME HUSBAND who came to unlock our car so I could get the neat props out that I had brought with me.:)(Thanks, very-awesome-husband!) Also, the cemetary was more like 60 feet away, so really it wasn’t THAT bad. Come on, I’m sure there are ladybugs!!!

Did I mention that little miss’s Mom was my son’s preschool teacher, beloved and infinitely patient with my 2nd born? And that I have watched Meeps grow from the adorable 2 year old to the beautiful young lady of just barely 4 that she is in these pictures? Montessori kids don’t just run through the bluebonnets, they stop and observe and draw them as well.


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  • Laura V.

    Oh, Robin!
    Meeps’ pictures take my breath away! They are adorable!!!! You offer such amazing photographs of our Montessori children! Thank you!

  • Like your work. It’s refreshing compared to what’s been going on here for decades! Shannon

  • robin

    Thank you, Laura… Miss you guys and the whole “montessori way”, but love to check in every once in a while :)

    Thanks so much, Shannon!! I checked out your website and I’m quite flattered!

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