Denton Baby Photographer : G Man Turns 1

Two of my baby-planners had sessions recently, which in preschool speak, “fills my bucket”. I LOVE BABY-PLANNERS! But let me tell you why! Because I get to watch them GROW! From teeny tiny scrunchy little newborns to chubby-drooly pumpkins to full grown kids I have to chase after in the park. Well we’re not quite there with little G, but we’re close! He’s just turned 1 and he’s *almost* walking. Perfect time for me to catch him for a picture playdate at the studio! We played with dinosaurs, chickens, cows, hats (not!), and a big red car. G’s a complete charmer with his big blue eyes and smile, and the way he can stuff a bunch of farm animals in his mouth. Ahhh, country boys.

Love you, L 😉

The first two are from his newborn and 6 month…

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