Denton Child Photographer : Mister A Grows Up

Oh this boy. Insert LOUD SOBBING. One of my first baby planners and now an official “graduate” (although I will officially go nuts if they don’t come back). He’s my angel wing super chunk baby, my drooly little rockstar, my so sweet you can’t handle it, Mr. Big Blue Eyes, and if you walk into my studio, he’s the first thing you’ll see on the wall. In a nutshell, LOVE THIS KID!

So now he’s 2 and can do big boy stuff like play baseball (seriously, he plays baseball better than I could attempt to play baseball…this kid is going to be a pro!) and ride a horse and man can he POUT if he wants to (see below), but it’s all for show. I don’t think he has a thing in the world to be upset about. This boy has two of the best parents I’ve ever seen. As far as they’re concerned, Mr. A has hung the moon, and I’m sort of inclined to agree.

Gah. Two.

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  • clara

    sooooo precious !!!!!!!great work,well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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