Fort Worth Senior Photographer : Little Drummer Girl

I’ve been photographing S since she was in middle school and now she’s a graduating senior. Ack. It’s like watching a baby planner grow from newborn to chasing them around a park, only with less crying and diapers. And also, this one drove me around in her AWESOME PURPLE CAR at the end of the session, and most baby planners don’t do that sort of thing either. Due to the summer heat, we had to split this session up into two parts…half in the beautiful (hot) Fort Worth Botanical Gardens…fighting the bugs and the po-po (we won!), and half in the air conditioned loft back in Denton. Sweet! I love the variety we can get from doing a little bit outdoor and indoor from the same senior session.

Now let’s talk about redheads. We’re fun people. We can do fierce model look (observe), but it’s all a farce…we’re laughing on the inside and it only lasts a few seconds. This one is all smiles and sunshine. And she can drag a bass drum up a huge flight of stairs, so she wins extra awesome points. I’m not going to go into her Harry Potter thing because I don’t want to show my ignorance on the matter, but I’ll just say she’s a big fan.

Anyway – observe, the gorgeous, not a little girl anymore, about to embark upon adulthood much to the extreme chagrin of her mama, wonderful person I’m very fond of and proud to call a friend, Miss S:

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