Denton Photographer Photographer : BPF

*sniff* I’m getting a little teary eyed just thinking about writing this blog post. Meet Courtney Miller of Sugarspun Photography, who I like to think of as my BPF or Best Photographer Friend. There are VERY FEW days that go by that I don’t spend chatting with her for most of the time about anything and everything, from business and photography to parenting and dieting, and alllllllllll the many things in between. When she rebranded her business recently and needed a swank new set of headshots to go with her new look, I was honored to do them for her. Not only was it lots of fun (minus the sweat) finding her perfect colors all over Denton, but anytime we get together we laugh constantly. And then, of course, we end up at Hannah’s for yummy drinks and lunch. Perfect, perfect day. The awesome picture of my drink is because I had my camera with me, I don’t typically take stellar shots of cocktails…and it is included because it was wondddderfulllll.

Anyway. Courtney, you’re beautiful…I hope you can see that:)Thanks for being such an awesome friend. I heart you the most!

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