Denton Newborn Photographer : Future cheerleader?

When mom and beautiful baby E showed up at my studio, they came with a rather large bag of goodies. As mom unloaded, my table quickly overflowed with a multitude of props. Near the bottom of the bag she pulled out this large pink thing that I couldn’t get a handle on…was it a teddy bear? a blanket? baby pom-poms? She looked me square in the eye and said “it’s a hat.” This was truly a “shut the front door” moment for yours truly. Larger than the baby in the carrier, and yet I knew I HAD to get a picture of this thing on the baby. You guys wouldn’t believe me otherwise, right? There is maybe 1 baby in 10 that balances just perfectly in this position, usually they doze more on one chubby arm or the other. I couldn’t have done it otherwise. What can I say? All of it came together perfectly for this one shot. How can you not smile when you look at this???

Also. PINK. It’s the new blue.

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