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Denton Baby Photographer : B’s 1 Year Session

I only recently posted Miss B’s newborn session, sad to say, but yesterday was her 1 year session. I am on top of

Denton Baby Photographer : A for All Grown Up

Oh sweet baby planners, how I love to watch you grow and grow. Not only do I get to watch the babies grow, but I get to

Denton Newborn Photographer : Future cheerleader?

When mom and beautiful baby E showed up at my studio, they came with a rather large bag of goodies. As mom unloaded, my

Denton Child Photographer : Mister A Grows Up

Oh this boy. Insert LOUD SOBBING. One of my first baby planners and now an official “graduate” (although I

Denton Newborn Photographer : Sweet Baby Boy

This little boy is loved and as sweet as they come. We hung out a while and had a chat while he was awake, talked about

Denton Baby Photographer : G Man Turns 1

Two of my baby-planners had sessions recently, which in preschool speak, “fills my bucket”. I LOVE BABY-

Denton Family Photographer : Combo Deal!

Right before Christmas, and I do mean RIGHT before Christmas, I got a last minute call from a family visiting relatives

Dallas Baby Photographer : Good Morning, Texas!

If you noticed in my previous post, I got a little starry-eyed after seeing my pictures and hearing my name on WFAA&#

Denton Baby Photographer : 2010 Babies!!!

After the last post, it occurred to me that 2010 has been a bumper crop of babies! I thought I’d make a quick