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Frisco Baby Photographer : Sweet Newborn Smiles

There not as all-elusive as you’d think, a little gas bubble here, a little cheek twitch there, or my favorite

Southlake Baby Photographer : Cake Smasher!

When little C was born one year ago, there was no doubt he was going to be a heartbreaker. His big blue eyes were a

Denton Newborn Photographer : Little Brother

Last year, we were blessed to get to know the R family as our son danced in the same class (yes) as their son (yes) and

Denton Baby Photographer : Happy Birthday, Handsome!

I’ve been a very busy lady lately, but even when I’m not busy, I neglect my blog. I’ve got some

Denton Baby Photographer : Russian Doll

My next little adopted baby came all the way from Russia, (with love), to a couple I have known since college. She

Denton Newborn Photographer : Little Gifts

Two of my favorite people, completely unrelated but strikingly similar in my mind, have just become new parents via

Denton Baby Photographer : Sweetpea is getting sweeter…

10 months ago, I had the pleasure of photographing little Miss D when she was brand new. The 6 month session that ended

Denton Baby Photographer : You really can’t handle this

You can TRY to handle the cute, but don’t worry…everyone will fail. I don’t know exactly what not-

Denton Newborn Photographer : Pretty in Pink

Because I’m LUCKY, that’s why! Yes, two newborns last weekend! One cute little guy, and this gorgeous