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Southlake Senior Photographer Robin Gansle : First Senior of 2010!!

OK finally I have a few minutes to add some decent text to this entry! “K” is my first senior of 2010, and

Denton Photographer Robin Gansle : Siblings

These kids were troopers, I have to say. They had to wake up early, on a Saturday, in the SUMMER, brave the serious

Denton Photographer Robin Gansle : Country Life

Who knew you could drive west a few miles and end up on the prairie? Well ok, I did know that, but it’s still

Denton Photographer Robin Gansle : And baby makes three!

When little “D” makes her debut in just a few short weeks, she will be welcomed by a bunch of people who

Denton Photographer Robin Gansle : Most favorite

After years (literally) of planning, I finally got to photograph the kids of one of my dearest friends.  Sadly, they

And a few of Gillybean

Also testing out the 24-70, which I’m happy to say I love but do not *love*, so I can save my money for something

So far behind…

But I’m going to get caught up on my blogging. And in totally random order, I fear. So starting with something I

My girl…

I’m so proud of her.

A very quick sneak peek

For a very beautiful girl. This was the most amusing and diverse session to date. She got in THE FOUNTAIN. In her