Denton Baby Photographer : A for All Grown Up

Oh sweet baby planners, how I love to watch you grow and grow. Not only do I get to watch the babies grow, but I get to watch the families grow as well. This family is about as wonderful and fun as I could imagine, and they have been a huge highlight to my year. They are, quite literally, busting out with the love. And little Miss A. Oh there are no words. She is going places, for sure. I feel lucky to be in her path right now. Such a beautiful, sweet baby girl. Thanks for picking me:)

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Denton Senior Photographer : On Seniors and Different Looks…

H is such a beautiful girl, and she totally embodies everything I love about photographing seniors. I enjoy getting to shoot so many different looks in one session. YES, please bring lots of changes of clothing! 10, 20 years down the road, you’re going to be looking back at these pictures and thinking THIS is me, this is how fun I used to dress, this is my personality. Also it makes it less boring when I’m editing. So yay!

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Denton Newborn Photographer : Future cheerleader?

When mom and beautiful baby E showed up at my studio, they came with a rather large bag of goodies. As mom unloaded, my table quickly overflowed with a multitude of props. Near the bottom of the bag she pulled out this large pink thing that I couldn’t get a handle on…was it a teddy bear? a blanket? baby pom-poms? She looked me square in the eye and said “it’s a hat.” This was truly a “shut the front door” moment for yours truly. Larger than the baby in the carrier, and yet I knew I HAD to get a picture of this thing on the baby. You guys wouldn’t believe me otherwise, right? There is maybe 1 baby in 10 that balances just perfectly in this position, usually they doze more on one chubby arm or the other. I couldn’t have done it otherwise. What can I say? All of it came together perfectly for this one shot. How can you not smile when you look at this???

Also. PINK. It’s the new blue.

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Denton Photographer : Holiday Mini’s Are Here!

It seems like every year, I pick the hottest day to announce the holiday mini’s. I haven’t yet figured out how to make that a gimmick, but one day I’ll capitalize on it. Like “oooh can you feel that winter right around the corner?”…yeah, no. REGARDLESS of the weather, we do still have holidays coming up and family sessions book quickly! This year I’m changing it up a little. There will be 3 weekends of mini-sessions ONLY, as I still have regular sessions throughout the season. These will be booked in time slots back to back. The park location is still to be determined, as my normal location is crawling with photographers at this time of the year, and we may pick somewhere a little less public this time. In addition to regular portrait options, there are a few neat gift ideas listed…they make beautiful grandparent gifts!!

Please email me to book your session! Based on previous year’s experience, I expect these to book pretty quickly, so if you have a strong preference on your location, make sure and email me soon. The $75 session fee is required to reserve your time slot. More details will be given in a confirmation email regarding outfit suggestions, arrival time, location, etc.

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Serving Denton : Fundraiser Success!!

Last Saturday we held the Simply Summer Portrait Session Fundraiser to benefit Serve Denton and their effort to build the Wheeler Center, which will house, among other things, a women and children’s shelter, clinic, and educational facility.  The money we raised on Saturday totaled $385 and will be used to furnish the children’s room.  I am SO thankful to everyone that came out on Saturday and brought their sweet kids and babies for the fundraiser!!  I look forward to doing this again so we can bring even more funds and awareness to this very worthy charity.  Also, check out the video below of Patrick Smith of Serve Denton, explaining the Wheeler Center on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas.

And from the Dale Kimble, Board President of Serve Denton: “… We appreciate your care for those leaving homelessness, as well as your help to educate a larger audience in our community about what we’re doing to help. The donations you collected will be used to support the work of the center and all the children who find help in the learning classroom. Thank you also for helping to share the information about our organization. We sincerely appreciate your support of Serve Denton, and we’re grateful for your help to open the Wheeler center for those who need it most.”

Here are all 19 sweet faces from Saturday.  Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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