Typically, clients have an idea what kind of look they’re going for in their session before we even speak. Sometimes we talk it out and I make suggestions. Whatever your situation, we’ll find the perfect solution to match your look! There are three general locations for three looks:

  • Studio – At my studio, we have control over the light.  Whether we use the abundant natural light that my windows and skylights let in, or studio lights for a more traditional look, these sessions are a great choice for one or two children, babies, small families and seniors.  Usually (weather permitting), we’ll do a little inside the studio, and the rest outside around the square.  If you’re looking for a lot of variety in one session, this is your best option.
  • Urban – If the city look appeals to you, Denton has it in spades.  Who knew such a small town with no (decent) mall and no Banana Republic could pull off the big city look so well?  I’ve been shooting here for 3 years and haven’t even come close to utilizing all of the great spots in and around the Downtown area.  Maybe you know a spot that I haven’t discovered yet?  Another awesome location is Deep Ellum in Dallas – bold, vivid colors and designs on so many walls – great for family and PERFECT for a senior session.  This is one location outside of the 30 mile radius I won’t charge extra for, I love it that much:) Las Colinas is another option here for a more preppy urban look, and the Main Street + Train Depot area in Grapevine is perfect for natural and urban all in one spot.
  • Natural – Some people are die hard pictures in the park people, and I can completely get behind that.  The biggest benefit here is that young children are free to play and run without too much worry about traffic, crowds, etc.  For a more candid and playful session, this is definitely the best option.  God bless Texas, because there is no shortage of beautiful parks, wildflowers, ponds, trees, and for about 4 days – autumn color.  I have a couple of standby spots  (like the Chapel in the Woods park at TWU), but I generally ask clients for input on these.  I’ve found that just about everyone has a special spot that they love!

Newborn sessions are typically done either at your home or at my studio.  Due to the nature and the time spent on these little guys, it’s best to have constant control over everything but the baby.  However, if you have a park nearby or even special spot in your yard for a few special artistic shots, you will love the result!  Don’t worry, I would never lay the baby in the dirt:)